How to Pee when it is storming outside

I woke up from a nice deep sleep in the middle of the night, cozy in my sleeping bag, cocooned in my truck canopy camper.  My bladder of course feeling like it was about to burst letting me know with a piercing pain. I knew there would be no rest until the issue would be dealt with.  Normally I would grumble a bit crawl out of my warm sleeping bag and brave the outdoors under-dressed for the occasion of course.  This instance was different though, it was the storm of the year with a forecast of 100cm of snow coming and wind howling.  It was snowmageddon.

Leaving my accommodations would have surely meant stepping into deep snow and being pelted by a storm that was in full motion.  This is where the challenge of trying to live in the back of your truck comes into effect.  Think think think, what can I do here.

File_000 (1).jpeg
Example of Freezer Bag use for liquids

Think think think.  I don’t even have a jar in this bunk. Aha! I do have a Zip-lock freezer bag though!

This was the solution, a wide flexible opening with a couple liters worth of storage. No worries about trying to balance aim into the small opening of a bottle.  Also very disposalable. It worked perfect. Going forward I will be making sure I have a couple of these bags handy.  One bag did the trick for me, if you are in a tent and worried about the bag freezing and cracking, you could double up the bags just in case.

The bag can be emptied into an appropriate place, away from water, not on rocks in the alpine (I read somewhere goats will lick the salt damaging lichens).  And yes the bag can be re-used for the rest of your adventure.

The storm that inspired not leaving my shelter when nature called.

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