Let Nature Be Your Guide

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from trying to plan trips is to be incredibly patient and to be flexible with nature. I’ve learned to plan around the conditions rather than what I think I want to do. It’s important not to be stubborn about this because remember there will be other times when the conditions are just right.

Sometimes this is easy, like on a regular weekend.  I generally don’t solidify any weekend plans until later in the week, Thursday or even Friday.  I obsessively check snow reports, wave reports and weather reports.  Will I climb? Ski? Surf? Backpack and take photos? Or maybe it’s a good weekend to rest up?  When I make plans with others weeks or months in advance I am prepared to cancel if conditions don’t line up instead of forcing the situation. Trips are time and money, so why not go when you are sure to have a decent time?

Sometimes it’s a little more tricky..

Last year a friend and I traveled to Fernie BC to kick off a road trip to Interior British Columbia for a ski trip.  Our plan was to do ski touring trips in the Interior over the course of a week.  We had booked the time off from work a month in advance and had not anticipated the warm conditions that were about to rain down on us.  The mountains were looking really sparse for the white fluffy snow we were hoping for. For months on social medial we looked at amazing powdery mountains so you can imagine our expectations were a little high for this trip.

We had a great closing day at the resort and discussed what to do.  Together we decided to head across the British Columbia boarder into Alberta.  We ended up making our way to Bow Hut in Banff National park where we ski toured on glaciers  and were able to summit St. Nicholas Peak and Mount Olive. After we were done with skiing we made the decision to stop in Penticton on the way back for climbing. Canada is amazing isn’t it?  Ski touring one day, climbing rock bluffs the next. Before we left Alberta The Northern Lights lit up the sky in Jasper to let me know we were on the right path. Since Interior BC had let winter go and resumed being a hot desert, conditions were prime.  This trip is a memorable experience for me, and nothing what I expected.

2017 04 Mt Gordon.jpg


I know sometimes it’s difficult to alter plans, where ever possible though it’s important to keep a few options in mind and be happy about where nature wants to lead you.  Giving up, canceling and going home is sure to really spoil your fun. Be flexible.  Be spontaneous. Bring extra gear with you just in case you need it. Keep an open mind and don’t be discouraged if your original plans get foiled.  Accept your situation, follow your intuition, see what else you can do that might be amazing.

Love what nature has in store for you.

2017-04 jasper-3.jpg
Watching the Northern Lights in Jasper, Alberta


Climbing in Penticton, British Columbia

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