There are 64 Hours in a Weekend

One fun activity I can suggest you try is to have a look at a map and figure out how far you can travel from where you live on your first weekend night and see what sort of adventure awaits you at the end of that road. Look at roads in all directions leaving your home, or as i like to call it “base camp”. Maybe this will open up a new door for you, something you didn’t think about exploring before.  Don’t underestimate how much fun you can have in a couple days, a little road trip can be worth it. After all ever notice how time feels different once you break routine? How everything feels so amazing when your cell phone does not work and you are inhaling deep breaths of rain forest, mountains or ocean? I am also willing to bet your most memorable times were when you tried something new.

Late night arrival at Mt. Cain

Let’s talk about the hours in weekend and what you can get up to in that time frame. There approximately 64 hours in a weekend, even better if it happens to be a long weekend 88 whole hours. So even if you travel eight hours to get to your starting destination on Friday night you still have at least 56 hours to work with. I mean what were you going to do Friday night anyways?  Why not get a jump start on the weekend?

2017-07-29 North Cascades-3.jpg
View from Black Peak, Northern Cascades

One tip I can suggest to you to make the most of your hours is to have everything packed and ready to go Thursday night.  The amount of time it takes to plan and pack can be considerable, be sure to have everything organized including food, clothing, and gear. The trick is to be on the road the second you depart your place of employment.

So where will those hours take you? Take me for instance, I live on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, this has its advantages and challenges. On one side I live on an Island full of  beautiful wilderness, Mountains and undeveloped coastline. It also keeps the crowds of the would be explorers from the mainland at bay (sorry Vancouver).  I only need to drive about 40 minutes from home to exit cell reception. If you live in Victoria you can have a coastal retreat only about an hour and a half from home if you want it.   In the winter I frequent the mountains in the North for ski trips, leaving the office Friday after work destined for Mt. Cain.

07.28.17 Northern Cascades-2.jpg
Camping at Black Peak in the Northern Cascades

On the flip side living on an Island is the challenging aspect. Since there is a ferry between here and the mainland sometimes a good portion of my weekend travel is being at the mercy of a BC Ferries schedule.  That said, on one occasion I’ve found myself deep in the Northern Cascades National Park located in Washington. It’s also easier than people think to travel to the Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton areas thanks to the Nanaimo ferry.   Some of my weekend adventures have left me catching the first morning ferry on Monday back to Vancouver Island showing up for work without ever going home first.

I would love to hear what your weekend getaway involves.




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